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Located in the centre of Solec Kujawski, precisely between Bydgoszcz and Toruń. It occupies an area of over 12 ha. The ornaments of our Jura Park include: Karol Sabath Earth Museum with an impressive collection of fossils and about 150 models of prehistoric animals (mainly dinosaurs). A novelty are modern and perfectly equipped multimedia rooms designed for didactic activities.
The path with dinosaurs is one of the main attractions of the park. Visitors have the opportunity to make a hike through the Mesozoic era, the era of dinosaurs. A walk among the perfectly reconstructed figures will allow you to realize the diversity and incredibility of this already lost world. The JuraPark is not only an educational facility, but also a place of entertainment and fun for everyone – simply a family place of good adventure. Among the “entertainment” attractions, the following attractions certainly deserve attention: mechatronic dinosaurs, Cinema of Emotions – Cinema 5D, playground, Amusement Park. The gourmets can enjoy the unique Cave Restaurant.

JuraPark Solec Kujawski
ul. Sportowa 1
86-050 Solec Kujawski
tel. (52) 387 32 35, (52) 387 85 28





Situated only 120 km away from Wrocław (direction Opole), the park impresses with its grandeur, aesthetics and diversity. Krasiejów JuraPark has set itself the goal of popularizing the knowledge of palaeontology and does it in an interesting, friendly, professional and above all unique way. The area of Krasiejów JuraPark also includes active excavations which can be visited. Thousands of bones of extraordinary animals, living in both aquatic and terrestrial environments, have been preserved in soft Krasiejów clay from 230 million years ago. The best known Krasiejów fossils are numerous bone elements belonging to the silesaurus – very closely related to dinosaurs. The largest models of dinosaurs in Krasiejów reach the length of 60 meters (Amphicoelias) or the height of 18 meters (brachiosaurs). Among the consultants cooperating in their creation are world-famous experts on dinosaurs and explorers of their tracks, as well as scientists who deal with reconstruction of the prehistoric world on a daily basis. Attractions of JuraPark in Krasiejów include: a path with dinosaurs, Time Tunnel, Paleontological Pavilion, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Amusement Park and multimedia museum Park of Science and Evolution of the Human Being.

Park Nauki i Rozrywki Krasiejów
ul. 1 Maja 10
46-040 Krasiejów






The founder of the Bałtów JuraPark – the first dinosaur park in Poland – was the Delta Association. Over the years, more attractions were created around the JuraPark, eventually creating the Bałtów Tourist Complex. The construction of the JuraPark was connected with the dinosaur tracks discovered in this area. These findings are part of the history of the search for traces left by “terrible lizards” in Poland, especially in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. In 2001, Gerard Gierliński, persuaded by one of the greatest Polish geologists, Professor Zbigniew Kotański, decided to check the source of a folk legend in the late Jurassic rocks of the Świętokrzyskie region. The place that intrigued Prof. Kotański was the so-called Czarcia Stopka in Bałtów – a trace of a large predatory dinosaur – allosaurus. According to the legend, this trail, partially obliterated by erosion, was to be left by the devil trying to jump over the Kamienna River valley. However, the legendary footprint in Bałtów was strange because it was preserved in rocks of marine origin, not land-based. In the same year two more traces were found – a stegosaurus and a small predator, a compsognate – which unequivocally confirmed the presence of dinosaur traces in this area. Soon, in the national and scientific press, information about the discovery of Upper Jurassic dinosaur tracks appeared.

Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny

ul. Bałtów 8a
27-423 Bałtów