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Crossing the threshold of the Park of Science and Evolution of the Human Being you decide to take part in an extraordinary event. We will involve you in the intricate fate of the world. You will witness fascinating transformations and you will join a group of time travelers – cruisers! Your adventure will begin 66 million years ago, when life on Earth was almost destroyed. Almost… because it continues.

The first thing to catch your attention will be the futuristic appearance of the building. When you enter it, everything will become clear – after all, this is a hangar for space docks, from where the ships transporting you to orbit around the Earth will leave regularly. We’ll tell you a secret; thanks to our new secret technology we’ll take you not only into space but also into time.

Digital technology and physical reality are blended here to such an extent that you will find it difficult to separate them. Sometimes you will even become dizzy. Prepare yourself for a lot of sensations and an injection of great knowledge about yourself and about the way we became people.

To be able to fully enjoy all the attractions you will be given special equipment. All time travellers are treated by us as special guests and they will be assigned an individual virtual guide. This will make it easier for you to move around the facility and encourage you to actively participate in the events. You will become a part of the film script.

First stage of the journey – the main hall – waiting room.

Nowadays there is a lot of traffic in space, so don’t forget to book your ferry. Otherwise, you may have to wait. We won’t let you get bored. You will be amused with virtual reality, games and animations. There are plenty things to choose from, but don’t worry. If you don’t manage to try everything before the departure, you can always come back here later.

Second stage – space shuttle

Sit back and enjoy your first flight into space. Through the ferry’s viewfinders, you will see the dock moving away until you reach the orbit around the Earth. This is an important moment, and that’s when you’ll be moving millions of years back in time. Then you will dock to the orbital station, a time machine. All the best is yet to come.

Third stage – time vehicle

When inside the time machine, try to follow the rules that ensure time synchronization and comfort of the sightseeing. Keep an eye on your guides, otherwise you may be looped in time forever.

What can you see in the Park of Science and Evolution of the Human Being?


This part of the exhibition is visited on foot after the space shuttle. The stands are one of the essential parts of this unique multimedia spectacle. The flow of guests is controlled by a digital guide, text and traffic lights. The layout of the evolution windows, although not always chronological, was deliberately modified by experts preparing the exhibition of the Park of Science and Evolution of the Human Being. It was based on the phylogenetic tree of the human being, which is full of dead-end branches. Therefore, you have to move along a given evolutionary branch – until the information is exhausted. Then the guest returns to the main tree.

The theme of the evolution windows:

  1. The extinction of the great dinosaurs.
  2. The beginnings of bipeds
  3. Descent from the trees
  4. The window of prehistory
  5. The first family
  6. Killers and victims
  7. The first love
  8. Competition
  9. Dwarves
  10. Giants
  11. The first funeral
  12. Mammoth hunters
  13. The beginnings of the art

“Mirror of the Evolution”

The application will allow the user to “impersonate” our ancestors. At the beginning, a board inviting you to play will be displayed on the screen. Next, the application will show the timeline, and using systems responding to specific movements, the users will be able to choose one of the epochs they are interested in and the corresponding figures of human ancestors. This figure will be displayed on the screen and thanks to the kinetic systems it will start to imitate the visitor’s movements like in a mirror.

Exhibition “Knife development” (tools)

The exhibition is devoted to the development of tools from the most primitive to contemporary ones. It was created on the model of a kind of a family tree – from the most primitive tools made by monkeys (stone bits used by the capuchins, e.g. Cebus apella and Cebus capucinus) and apes (sticks and broomsticks to help chimpanzees eat termites). Then, with reference to the applications of silicon in human technology, flint tools will be shown – from the most primitive (pebbles) to the most sophisticated ones (obsidian ritual axes of the Maya from Mexico).

There will also be items such as carbide cutting tools, a drill, a needle, an awl, an iron, a sickle, etc. Today, silicon has once again been used by man in electronics, so the last “tool” presented in this unique exhibition will be a smartphone. The exhibition will be placed in a stylized temporal probe.

Exhibition “Oetzi”

Oetzi – this is the name of the oldest human mummy found in the world, which dates back to the Chalcolithic era. 5500-3100 B.C., or the Copper Age, is the transition period between the archaeological stone and bronze epochs, during which the first metal (copper) products came into use. However, flint tools were still commonly manufactured. Oetzi was born 3,300 BC, near the present village of Feldthurns (Velturno), north of today’s Bolzano in Italy. He died at the age of 45 in the field of the Schnalstal glacier, in the Ötztal Alps (a mountain range in the Rhaetian Alps), on today’s Austrian-Italian border. The cause of his death was a robbery or a feud murder. Height – 1.65 m, weight – 50 kg.


This completes the educational path to present the problem of our origin. You will learn what evolution is, you will see an extraordinary gallery of apes and monkeys, as well as human ancestors.

Exhibition “Development of Vessels”

You will find out how the most important equipment in our households has developed.

Exhibition “Development of Writing”

You’ll find out how people used to write down information in the old days.

Exhibition “Tomb”

Here you’ll find something really unusual. We will present you a reconstruction of the duke’s grave from the Przeworsk culture.

Exhibition “We are all brothers and sisters”

For “dessert” we offer you an interactive exhibition which will show you that you are closely related to your classmates, your teacher, Nicolaus Copernicus and even to the inhabitants of the distant Alaska. We will show you the problem of kinship, ethnic diversity and the stages of settlement of the globe.

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