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Crossing the threshold of Science and Human Evolution Park you decide to participate in an extraordinary event. We implicate you to intricate fate of the World. You will become a witness of fascinating transformations and join the selected group of time travellers – temponauts! Your adventure begins 66 million years ago, when life on the Earth was almost wiped out. Almost … because it still continues.

The first thing that interests you is a futuristic look of the building. When you enter everything will be clear – it’s a space docks hangar, where the ships transporting you to the Earth orbit will regularly leave. We will tell you a secret; thanks to our new secret technology we will move you not only in space but also in time.

Digital technology and the physical reality here are mixed to such an extent that you will have difficulty in their contrast. Sometimes it can even spin in your head Be ready for the large mass of sensations and injection vast of knowledge about ourselves. About how we became human.


To fully enjoy all the attractions we will equip you with a special equipment. We treat all temponauts as special guests and they can count on an individual virtual guide. It will help you get around the site and encourage to active participation in the events. You will become part of a movie script.

I STAGE of travel – main hall – the waiting room.

Nowadays traffic in space is very big, so do not forget to book your entrance on the ferry. Otherwise it can happen that you will have to wait. Certainly we will not let you get bored. Fun with the participation of virtual reality, games and animations are surprises which you can count on. There’s a lot of it but do not worry. If you do not make it to take advantage of everything before the departure, you can always come back here.

II STAGE of travel – space shuttle

Sit comfortably and enjoy your first flight into space. By visors of the space shuttle you will see the receding ferry dock until achieving the terrestrial orbit. This is an important moment, just then you settle in time of millions of years. Then you get to the orbital station – the time machine. All the best is still ahead of you.

III Stage of travel – time machine

At the time machine try to follow the rules that ensure synchronization in time and comfort of sightseeing. Mind your guides otherwise you could be looped in time forever.

Exhibition of the Certificate of Evolution
This supplement educational path aims presenting the problem of our origin. You will find out what the evolution is, you will see the extraordinary gallery of monkeys and prosimians, as well as human ancestors.

We have also prepared for you other exhibitions.
Exhibition – “Man of the glacier” – Oetzi – you will meet with the world’s oldest human mummy.

The exhibition “Development of dishes” – you will learn how the most important appliances in our households developed.

The exhibition “Development of scripture” – you will learn how people in ancient times were enrolling information.

The exhibition “The Tomb” – here you will meet up with something really unusual. We will present you a reconstruction of the tomb of the prince originating from the time of Przeworsk’s culture.

The exhibition “Development of tools” – you will know how one of the most important tools of a man was created – a knife, from the most primitive to modern.

The exhibition “We are all brothers”

For the dessert, we offer you an interactive exhibition that will show you that you are closely related to friends in class, your tutor, Nicholas Copernicus, and even with the inhabitants of a remote Alaska. We introduce you to the problem of kinship, ethnic diversity and the stages of colonization of the globe.

Or maybe you are a teacher or lecturer? We put at your disposal a place where you can perform the lesson of your dreams. Use for this purpose our modern machine as a teaching aids. The service is very easy, pleasant and intuitive. You will perform a lesson of future without any effort, and your students will not like it to be over.